Are you a competent programmer?

July 25, 2009 § 2 Comments

Check out this table measuring programmer competency across a wide range of areas. I don’t take facebook quizzes, because I could really care less how much I know about the 80’s or whatever, but I figured I’d do some self-evaluation. Here’s where I think I stand. I averaged out at about a 2.4, which I’m honestly fairly disappointed with. I felt this was pretty useful – it definitely made me think twice about where I stand and what I need to work on.

If you know me, and you think I’m wrong about myself, let me know. Also, I’d encourage you to go through and evaluate yourself. It may give you some insight into areas you need to improve.

Computer Science

(2) data structures
(2) algorithms
(3) system programming

reading assembly code is a skill that I haven’t dusted off for quite some time, though

Software Engineering

(2) source code version control
(3) build automation
(3) automated testing


(3) problem decomposition
(3) systems decomposition
(3) communication
(3) code organization within a file

I’m anal-retentive about this.

(3) code organization across files
(3) source tree organization
(3) code readability
(2) defensive coding
(2) error handling

I wanted to give myself a 3 on this, but truthfully, I need to work on some guidelines for this – look for some blog posts in the future on this subject.

(2) IDE
(2) API
(2) frameworks
(3) requirements
(2) scripting
(3) database


(1) languages with professional experience
(2) platforms with professional experience
(3) years of professional experience
(3) domain knowledge


(2) tool knowledge
(2) languages exposed to
(3) codebase knowledge
(2) knowledge of upcoming technologies
(2) platform internals
(2) books
(2) blogs


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