Pragmatic Programmers – August issue

August 9, 2009 § 2 Comments

I posted about the new Pragmatic Programmers magazine in an earlier post. The August issue was just recently published, and I thought it contained some great stuff.

Johanna Rothman’s article about managing your life projects was, well, it was pragmatic. I’ve posted lots of stuff about being efficient not just at work, but in your life, so I found her simple, no-nonsense approach really spoke to me.

John Shade’s article on anti-social people writing social software was rather perceptive. I especially liked this bit, as it was basically an exact replay of a conversation I had with my dad recently.

Cooper offers this test for nerdiness:

    Have you ever taken a clock apart to see how it works? (Nerd answer: yes.)
    Did you get it put back together again? (Non-intuitive nerd answer: no.)
    If not, do you consider the experiment a failure? (Nerd answer: no.)

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