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November 4, 2010 § 2 Comments

I just published, which is a search-based image slideshow. It allows you to do an image search for anything you like, and it will automatically cycle through the search results.

In order to make it, I hacked together the Bing search API (which is clean, nice, and easy to use) and the Galeriffic jQuery plugin (which works fine, but isn’t really designed for what I’m doing with it). Clearly there are some features missing that I will be adding, such as allowing you to restrict and filter your search. Also, the site is in serious need of an actual design. Despite that, though, the site is functional, and I thought I’d push something out. I haven’t spent too much time on it yet (obviously), but plan to put quite a bit of effort into polishing it over the next few weeks.

A little bit of backstory…

My daughter had her third birthday earlier this year, and one of the things she insisted on having was a Dora the Explorer cake (which I made for her, and am unabashedly showing off here.)

Making the Dora cake involved looking through many, many pictures of other Dora cakes online in order to get ideas. Perhaps predictably, my daughter enjoyed this a little too much, and looking at pictures of Dora cakes online soon became one of her favorite activities.

The problem with this is that looking at pictures of Dora cakes quickly grew tiresome (at least for the adult that was helping her), but she hadn’t yet learned how to navigate search results to see the pictures. I looked for an image search with a slideshow feature, but was not able to find one.

So, I made one . . .!

Let me know what you think – your feedback will drive what I work on. If you like the site, think it has potential, or would like some particular features, please let me know and I will do my best to add them. Either comment here or send me an email.


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