Georgia Amendment 1 – An Analysis

November 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

So obviously, Amendment 1 passed. It didn’t even barely pass, it passed with an overwhelming majority of votes. 1,628,507 out of 2,410,156 Georgians voted YES! on Amendment 1.

My previous blog entry regarding Amendment 1 was on the first page of google’s search results for most combinations of Georgia, Amendment, November 2nd, etc. It was the top search result in many cases. I assume it was largely the same for Bing and Yahoo, although to be honest, I haven’t really verified.

That blog entry got a little less than 3,000 hits by November 2nd (thank you WordPress site stats). So assuming that every one of those page views was by a registered Georgia voter (which is beyond unlikely), roughly 0.1% of people that voted on that amendment read that blog post.

Now quite obviously, a very large percentage of people get their news from television, newspaper, friends, and other sites, but still – 0.1% bothered to do a simple search to research the issues that they were going to vote on? Really?


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