What’s in what, now?

December 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve been working with a client that is working on an Oracle to SQL Server conversion project, and part of it involves poring over stored procedures to fix inefficiencies. This type of thing keeps coming up, and since this isn’t the only client I’ve seen it at…

This is slow and inefficient:
SELECT @var1 = tab1.col2
FROM tab1
WHERE tab1.col1 =
    SELECT tab2.col2
    FROM tab2
    WHERE tab2.col1 =
      SELECT tab3.col2
      FROM tab3
      WHERE tab3.col1 = @par1

This is better and much, much faster:
SELECT @var1 = tab1.col2
FROM tab1
  ON tab1.col1 = tab2.col2
  ON tab2.col1 = tab3.col2
WHERE tab3.col1 = @par1



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